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Almog, Shmuel

Curriculum Vitae

1926- Birth: Berlin, Germany
1933- Immigration to Palestine
1954- B.A., Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1955-56 Secretary of the Israel Historical Society
1957-58 Parliamentary Correspondent, Kol Israel Radio
1959- Hillel House Director and Student Advisor, South Africa
1960- Radio Commentator, Eichman Trial, Jerusalem
1961-64 U.N. and U.S. Correspondent, Israel Radio
1961- Graduate Studies, Columbia University, New York
1966- M.A., Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1967-74 Director of Israel Radio; Director General of Israel Broadcasting Authority
1979- Ph.D., Hebrew University
1979-81 Researcher, Weizmann Institute for Zionist Research, Tel-Aviv
1981-82 Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University
1982-95 Director, Vidal Sassoon International Study of Antisemitism, Hebrew University
1986- Senior Lecturer, Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University
1987-96 Israel Historical Society, Management Committee member
1989-93 Editorial Board member: Zion, Quarterly for Research in Jewish History
1994- Associate Professor, Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University
1996- Professor Emeritus Hebrew University

List of Courses of Prof. Shmuel Almog


The Fateful Year 1917, and the Antisemitism which Followed


Modern Antisemitism and the Holocaust


Antisemitism in Modern Europe Between the Left and the Right


The Enigma of Antisemitism. Historical and Societal Aspects


Antisemitism and the Jewish Inferiority Complex


Christian and Neo-Pagan Elements in Modern Antisemitism


Antisemitism Between Revolution and Reaction


Nationalism and Antisemitism - Selected Issues


Zionism and 'Jewish Self-Hatred'


The 'Jewish Question' at the End of World War I. A Historical Transformation


Zionism and Antisemitism in the Twentieth Century


Zionism and Antisemitism

(All courses in Hebrew)

List of Publications

1. Ph.D. Dissertation: 'The Attitude of the Zionist Movement to the Jewish Historical Past, 1896-1906', supervised by S. Ettinger, Hebrew University, approved in 1979, rewritten and published as Zionism and History (see below), (Hebrew)


2. Zionism and History, Magnes Press, Jerusalem, 1982, 245 pp. (Hebrew)

3. Zionism and History, The Rise of a New Jewish Consciousness, St. Martin's Press, New York and Magnes Press, Jerusalem, 1987, 330 pp.

4. Nationalism and Antisemitism in Modern Europe, 1815-1945, Shazar Center, Jerusalem, 1988, 154 pp. (Hebrew)

5. Nationalism and Antisemitism in Modern Europe, 1815-1945, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1990, 159 pp.

6. Nationalism, Zionism, Antisemitism, Essays and Studies, Zionist Library & Bialik Institute, Jerusalem 1992, 336 pp. (Hebrew)

Books, Editor

7. Antisemitism Through the Ages, Shazar Center, Jerusalem 1980, 411 pp. (Hebrew)

8. Long Before Zionism, Jewish Nationhood and the Palestine Question, Shazar Center, Jerusalem 1981, 224 pp. (Hebrew)

9. Zionism and the Arabs, Essays, Shazar Center, Jerusalem, 1983, 221 pp.

10. Antisemitism Through the Ages, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1988, 419 pp.

11. Contemporary Jewry 2, Magnes Press, Jerusalem, 500 pp. (Hebrew)

12.13. (et al.): Transition and Change in Modern Jewish History, Essays

Presented in Honor of Shmuel Ettinger, 695 pp. Israel and the Nations.

1520 pp. Israel Historical Society & Shazar Center. Jerusalem 1987. (Hebrew and English)

14. (With Prof. Michael Heyd), Chosen People, Elect Nation and Universal Mission, Shazar Center, Jerusalem 1992, 333 pp. (Hebrew)

15. (With Prof. Otto Dov Kulka), History and Historians, Shmuel Ettinger's Posthumous Publication, Bialik Institute & Shazar Center, Jerusalem 1992, 333 pp. (Hebrew)

16. (With Profs. Anita Shapira & Jehuda Reinharz), Zionism and Religion, Shazar Center, Jerusalem 1993, 416 pp. (Hebrew)

Research Articles

1. 'The Racial Motif in Ernest Renan's Attitude to Jews and Judaism', Zion 32 (3-4) 1967. pp. 175-200. (Hebrew)

2. 'Alfred Nossig, A Reappraisal', Studies in Zionism, Spring 1983, pp. 1-29

3. 'The Attitude of Secularists to Religion and to the Religious', Symposium, History of Zionism and the Yishuv 2, 1983, pp. 31-38. (Hebrew)

4. 'From 'Muscular Jewry' to the 'Religion of Labor'', Zionism: Studies in the History of the Zionist Movement and of the Jewish Community in Palestine IX, 1984, pp. 137-146. (Hebrew)

5. 'Messianism as a Challenge to Zionism', in: Zvi Baras (ed.), Messianism and Eschatology, Jerusalem 1983, pp. 433-438. (Hebrew)

6. 'On Land and People in Modern Jewish Nationalism', Contemporary Jewry 1, 1984, pp. 53-67. (Hebrew)

7. 'The Relations Between Religion and State in Modern Jewish Nationalism', in: Isaiah Gafni and Gabriel Motzkin (eds.), Priesthood and Monarchy, Jerusalem 1987, pp. 285-302. (Hebrew)

8. 'The Land to Its Laborers and the Conversion of the Fellahin', in Shmuel Ettinger (ed.), Nation and History 2, Jerusalem 1984, pp. 165-175. (Hebrew)

9. 'The Development of the Jewish Question in England at the End of WWI', Zion 50, 1985, pp. 397-431. (Hebrew)

10. 'The Life and Death of Alfred Nossig', Contemporary Jewry 3, 1986, pp. 73-98. (Hebrew)

11. 'Bibliophilic Erudition', Contemporary Jewry 3, 1986, pp. 333-334. (Hebrew)

12. 'Antisemitism as a Dynamic Phenomenon', Patterns of Prejudice, vol. 12, no. 4 (Winter 1987), pp. 3-18

13. 'The Racial Motif in Ernest Renan's Attitude to Jews and Judaism', in: S. Almog (ed.), Antisemitism Through the Ages, Oxford, 1988, pp. 241-278

14. 'The Impact of the Holocaust on the Study of Antisemitism', in Remembering for the Future, vol. II, Oxford, 1988, pp. 2277-2287

15. 'A Many-Faceted Zionist Historiography', in: Moshe Zimmerman, Menahem Stern, Joseph Salmon (eds.) Studies in Historiography, Jerusalem 1987, pp. 191-208. (Hebrew)

16. 'The Historical Dimension of Jewish Nationalism', Zion 53, 4, 1988, pp. 405-421. (Hebrew)

17. 'The Influence of the Shoah on the Research of Antisemitism,' Gesher 121, Summer 1990, pp. 36-52. (Hebrew)

18. 'The Negation of Zionism or the 'Decline of Judaism'', in: Haim Avni, Gideon Shimoni (eds.) Zionism and its Jewish Opponents, Jerusalem 1990, pp. 281-300. (Hebrew)

19. Review article of Michael Abitbol's Les Deux terres promises, Zion 55, 1 1990, pp. 130-133. (Hebrew)

20. 'Redemption in Zionist Rhetoric', in: Ruth Kark (ed.), Redemption of the Land of Eretz-Israel, Jerusalem 1990, pp. 13-32. (Hebrew)

21. 'Judaism as Illness, Antisemitic Stereotype and Self-Image', Contemporary Jewry 6, 1990, pp. 3-23. (Hebrew)

22. 'Judaism as Illness, Antisemitic Stereotype and Self-Image', in: History of European Ideas, vol. 13. no. 6, 1991, pp. 793-804 (also requested in 1992 by the Philosophers' Index and Sociological Abstracts, USA).

23. 'Le Judaisme comme maladie, stereotype antisemite et image de soi', Pardes 13/1991, pp. 124-145.

24. 'Judentum als Krankheit, Antisemitisches Stereotyp und Selbstdarstellung', Tel Aviver Jahrbuch fur Deutsche Geschichte 1991, pp. 215-235

25. 'Normalization and 'A Light to the Gentiles' in Zionism' in: Almog and Heyd (eds.), Chosen People, Elect Nation and Universal Mission, Jerusalem 1991, pp. 287-298. (Hebrew)

26. 'Pioneering as An Alternative Culture', Zion 58, 3, 1993, pp. 329-346. (Hebrew)

27. 'Religious Values in the Second Aliya', in: Almog, Jehuda Reinharz, Anita Shapira (eds.), Zionism & Religion, Jerusalem 1994. (Hebrew)

28. 'The Historical Dimension of Jewish Nationalism', in: Yossi Goldstein (ed.), The History of the Zionist Movement, 1881-1914, Basic Research Articles, Tel Aviv 1993, pp. 1-17. (Hebrew)

29. 'Between Zionism and Antisemitism', Patterns of Prejudice, 1994, vol. 28 no. 2, pp. 49-59

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31. 'Herzl Writes Home', in: Ha'aretz Books, June 1997, pp. 1,4. (Hebrew)

32. 'Herzl Writes Home', in: Jewish History, vol. 11, no.2, Fall 1997, pp. 111-115

33. 'The Jew as a Demonic Enemy and Figure of Scorn', in: Kivunim 11-12, December 1997, pp. 83-98. (Hebrew)

34. ''The People Shall Dwell Alone' in Reality and in Historiography', in: Between Vision and Revision, Yehiam Weitz (ed.), Jerusalem 1998, pp. 51-66. (Hebrew)

35. 'The Second Aliya in Its Own Eyes and in Ours', in: Israel Bartal (ed.), The Second Aliyah Book, Ben Zvi Memorial Foundation, Jerusalem 1998, pp. 38-59. (Hebrew)

To Be Published

1. 'The Role of Religious Values in the Second Aliyah', in: Zionism and Religion, Shazar Center and Tauber Institute

2. 'The Metaphoric Pioneer in the Face of Diaspora Senectitude'. (Hebrew)

3. 'The Borrowed Identity: Neo-Pagan Reactions to the Jewish Roots of Christianity', in: The Other' as Threat: Demonization and Antisemitism, Robert Wistrich (ed.), Harwood Academic Publishers

4. 'Herzl's Nationalism in a Broad View', in: Contemporary Jewry 11 (Hebrew)

5. Der 'Nichtjudische Jude'. Die Geschichte Einer Radikalen Typologie', lecture delivered at Tubingen University in October 1997

6. 'Was Herzl a Jewish Nationalist?', in: Herzl and the Jewish State (title not final), Gideon Shimoni and Robert Wistrich (eds.), Jerusalem, Magnes Press

Research Interests

Following a previous study I conducted on the subject of productivization in modern Jewish history (published in Hebrew in 1987 and in 1992 as well), I am now trying to reexamine the issue of the Jews as middlemen, both in the historical and economic literature of the 19th century and again in recent sociological writings, inspired by the use of ethnicity in the second half of the 20th century.

I would like to establish a link between previous notions about the function Jews may have fulfilled in the socio-economic sphere and the ramifications of present day theories (on middlemen as a universal phenomenon in so called 'host societies') with regard to the 'Rise of the Jews'.

I use these terms with much caution, though, as they often reflect a certain unthinking bias among researchers.

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