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General Biblical Second Temple & Talmudic Medieval Holocaust and WW II Modern Era


Israel Area Map - Cobb
HyperHistory - Antiquity, Medieval and Modern Maps
Historic Atlas Resource Library (OSSHE) - Europe, (Ancient) Middle East, North Africa and North America
Historical Atals by William R. Shepherd 1923
Ancestry.com - Map Center
Links to Historical Maps
Palestine in the Time of Jesus (different maps) (K. C. Hanson and D. E. Oakman - recommended site)
Historical Maps
Cartographic Images - Collection of Antique Maps and Links
Historical Maps Overview
Historical Map Web Sites
Maps and Referneces
Atlapedia Online
World Atlas (About)
Google Maps
National Geographic - Map




Atlas Historique
West European Political System: Map Page 1006-1995
Map Library (Federation of East European Family History Societies)
Historical Maps of The Balkans
Historical Maps of Europe
The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker
Ukraine SIG - Ukraine Clickable Map
Litvak SIG - Lithuania Maps
Rome and Romania




1895 U.S Atlas
Images of American Political History
U.S. Territorial Maps 1775-1920
Historical Maps of the United States
Map Collections 1544-1999 (Library of Congress) 


North Africa


Maps of Egypt, Anatolia and the Near East


Israel and the Middle East


Israel in Maps
"Shaarei Shechem"  (choose "maps" in menu)
Shomron (Samaria) - Geography - links
Brief History and Maps of Canaan, Palestine and Israel
Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views
Historical Maps of the Middle East
Jerusalem's Old City
Middle East Maps
Pilgrims Map of Israel
Economic Activity in Israel
Population Density in Israel
Jerusalem 3000: Three Millennia of History
Atlas of the Middle East
Israel in the Mediterranean Region
Jerusalem - Jericho Area
Map of Tel Aviv
Arab Lands 1949-1967 (JSOURCE)
Distribution of Religions (JSOURCE)
The Distribution of Religions in the Middle East (JSOURCE)
Middle East Nations — Dates of Independence (JSOURCE)
The Modern Middle East (JSOURCE)
Palestinian Authority (JSOURCE)
The United Kingdom in the Middle East (1917-1971) (JSOURCE)
Maps of the West Bank and Gaza

Biblical and Ancient History

Ancient History - Maps
Ancient Map Web List
Bible Maps of Bible Times and Lands
Ancient Maps and Globes
Blueletter Bible Maps and Images
Bible Atlas
Ancient Near Eastern Archaeological Sites   
Maps of Biblical Palestine
Society of Ancients: Maps
Ancient Near East (About)
Map of Ancient Jerusalem  (K. C. Hanson)
Historic Israel (and more links)   (Bible Study)
Historical Maps of the Middle East (and many links)  (Texas U.)
Maps & Biographies (many links)   (K. C. Hanson)
NT Gateway  (many links)  (M. Goodacre, Birmingham U.)
Canaan (The Promised Land)   (Luther Productions)
Historic Israel -The Holy Land  (many links)  (goodnews)
Euphrates river and the Middle East   (goodnews)
Bible Maps (many links)  (Crosswalk)
The Conquest of Canaan   (Crosswalk)
The Exodus from Egypt  (Crosswalk)
The Nations of Genesis 10  (Crosswalk)
The Exodus Traditional Route  (BibleMaps)
Bible Translations  NT  Geographical Journey.  with maps
The Settlements of Noah's descendants
The Settlements of Noah's descendants
Blueletter Bible: The World as Known to the Hebrews (map)
Political Change in Ancient Mesopotamia 3000-1000 BC (OSSHE)
Canaan- The Campaign of Paroah Pepi ca. 2350 B.C. 
The Patriarchial World
Abrahams Journey
Bible Maps: Abraham’s Journey: 2000 BC
Palastine: Hills and Valleys
Ancient Trade Routes (JSOURCE)
The Hebrews - The Major Cities and Regions of Ancient Israel
Bible Maps: The Exodus from Egypt: 1500 BC
The Battle of Megiddo, 1468 B.C.
The Canaanite campaign of Seti I, 1303 B.C. 
The Battle of Kedesh, 1286 B.C
The first Israelite Invasions, 1250 B.C.
Blueletter Bible: Boundaries of the Tribes of Israel (map)
Blueletter Bible: Palastine under the Judges and Kings, and Distribution of 12 Tribes (map)
Map of Israel's 12 Tribes
The Twelve Tribes of Israel (JSOURCE)
Twelve Tribes in Canaan
Inheritance of Israel's Sons in the Promised land   (Bible Study)
Blueletter Bible: Cities of Refuge (map)
Israel during the time of Joshua, 1180 B.C.
The Invasions of the Sea Peoples, 1168 B.C.
The Campaign of Gideon, 1150 B.C. 
The War of Jephtah, 1125 B.C.
The War of Ehud, 1100 B.C.
The Wars of Eben-Ezer, 1050 B.C. 
The Kingdom of Saul, 1010 B.C. 
Bible Maps: Twelve tribes in Canaan, from Joshua to Saul. 1400-1100 BC
Israel During the period of the Judges/ king David
Bible Maps: The United Kingdoms of David and Solomon: 1000 BC
Kingdom of David and Solomon (JSOURCE)
Bible Maps: The Divided Kingdoms. 900-722 BC
The Divided Kingdom—10th-6th Century BCE (JSOURCE)
Israel and Judah untill 733 B.C.E.
The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
Israel and Judeah - 2 Kingdoms
Ancient Near East: Empires from 700-300 BC (OSSHE)
Bible Maps: Successive World Kingdoms: Persia, Babylon, Assyria 640-500 BC
Ancient Jerusalem
Ancient Jerusalem (About)
Blueletter Bible: Ancient Jerusalem, 3 Walls
First Temple Sites Map
A Plan of the City of Jerusalem According to the Description of the Old Testemant 1752
View of King Solomon's Jerusalem, 1493
Plan of King Solomons Jerusalem, 1650
Plan of Jerusalem, 1584
An Imaginative Composite of the Six Destructions of Jerusalem
View of King solomon's Temple, 1572
Map of ancient Jerusalem, based on Biblical Accounts


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Second Temple & Talmudic Period

Historical Atlas of late Antiquity (French)
Ancient Jerusalem  (Handbook for Travellers by Karl Baedeker, 1912)
Helenistic and Herodian Cities
Imaginary view of Jerusalem at the Time of Herod, 1642
Palestine in the Time of Jesus (different maps) (K. C. Hanson and D. E. Oakman - recommended site)
Palestine at the time of Jesus 33 A.D.
Israel at about the time of Jesus
Jerusalem at the time of Jesus 33 A.D.
Judaea Galilee, Idumaea
Map of Galilee  (Edgar McKnight) 
Map of the Siege of Jerusalem - 70 A.D.
Map of Israel in the 1st Century
Blueletter Bible: Divisions of Palestine in the 1st century
Madaba Mosaic Map: Palestine 565 A.D.
Madaba Mosaic Map: Jerusalem 565 A.D.
Second Temple Sites Map
Roman Byzantine Sites Map
Associations, Synagogues, and Congregations- Asia Minor   (press "Geography")  -  Philip A. Harland (many pictures and maps)
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WorldHistory - Maps 
Medieval Sourcebook: Maps and Images
Index of Early Medieval Maps 400-1300 A.D.
Jewish Expulsions and Resettlement, 1100-1500
Index of Late Medieval Maps 1300-1500 A.D.
Early Muslim Sites Map
Palastine under the Arab Chaliphs
Jerusalem during the Crusades (Medieval Source Book)
Europe at Time of First Crusade (Medieval Source Book)
The 2nd 3rd and 4th Crusades
The Empire of Salah Al-Din and the Crusaders' Principalities in Syria and Palastine
Crusader States and Empire of Salah-Al-Din
Palastine under the Crusader rule
Map of Jerusalem, 12th Century
Tabula Peutingeriana: Palestine 12th Century
Canaan about 1200 BCE
Situs Hierusalem (Map of Jerusalem) 13th century
Circular Plan of Jerusalem, 13th Century
Cooks Plan of Jerusalem
Jerusalem - Ottoman Sites Map
Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views 6-13 th Century
Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views 15-16 th Century
Jewish Expulsions and Resettlement, 1100-1500
Map of Palastine and View on Jerusalem
Jerusalem, the Center of the World, 1581


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Holocaust and WW II

General Concentration and Death Camps Ghettos


"Mapping the Holocaust" (US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
World War II Maps
Maps of the History of World War II
Holocaust Photographs & Maps
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - Maps
Pogroms, 1871-1906
Europe before 1919
Territory lost after the 1919 Treaty of Versailles
Demilitarized Zone-Treaty of Versailles
Map of Europe after 1919G
The Emancipation of European Jewry
Jewish Population of Europe Before the Holocaust (JSOURCE)
Jewish Emigration From Germany 1933-1939 (JSOURCE)
Kristallnacht Map
The Destruction of Synagogues on Kristallnacht (JSOURCE)
European Jewish Population in 1939
Map of Central Europe 1939
Map of Greater Germany 1942
Nazi Holocaust Genocide
Mobile Killing Squad Massacres in Eastern Europe 1941-1942
The Persecution of Roma (Gypsies) (JSOURCE)
Rescue in Budapest (JSOURCE)
The Rescue of Danish Jews (JSOURCE)
Rescue of Danish Jews Map
Babi Yar: Killing Ravine of Kiev Jewry - WWII
Map of Sudiklov
Holocaust Deaths - By Countries
Jews Murderd by country in Europe
Jewish Death Toll by Country of Origin 1939-45
Deportations to Killing Centers in Occupied Poland (JSOURCE)
“Euthanasia” Centers (JSOURCE)
German Occupied Europe (JSOURCE)
Jewish Armed Resistance in Eastern Europe (JSOURCE)
Rescue and Escape from German-Occupied Europe (JSOURCE)
Trials of War Criminals in Europe (JSOURCE)
The Voyage of the SS St. Louis (JSOURCE)
Map of Central Europe in 1945


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Concentration and Death Camps

The Camps
Camps Map
Holocaust Map of Concentration and Death Camps
Map of Nazi Concentration and Death Camps
The Main Camps in the Third Reich
The Evacuation of Nazi Camps and the Death Marches of Prisoners
Extermination Camps in Occupied Poland (JSOURCE)
Jewish Resistance in Ghettos and Camps (JSOURCE)
The Liberation of Major Nazi Camps (JSOURCE)
Nazi Camps in Greater Germany 1944 (JSOURCE)
Nazi Camps in Occupied Europe 1943-1944 (JSOURCE)
Map of Death Camps in Occupied Poland
Map of Gas Van Operations

    Auschwitz - Birkenau

Map of the Auschwitz Concentration camp
The Layout of KLI (Auschwitz)
Plan of KLII (Birkenau)
A Map of Birkenau
Aerial Photograph of Auschwitz
Auschwitz/Birkenau and its Subcamps
Map of Railroads Leading to Auschwitz
The Transport to Auschwitz
Auschwitz Environs (JSOURCE)


Majdanek Cocentration Camp


Map of the Dachau concentration camp


Treblinka Map


The Sobibor Death Camp


Belzec Death Camp


Concentration Camp Buchenwald


Westerbork Camp (JSOURCE)
Westerbork Transit Camp Map




Concentration camp of Mathausen


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Ghettos in Poland (JSOURCE)
Ghettos in Occupied Europe (JSOURCE)
Map of Ghettos in Europe


Street Map of the Lodz Ghetto


The Warsaw Ghetto
Map of the Warsaw Ghetto
The Warsaw Ghetto 1943


Bialystok Ghetto Map
Map of Revolt in Bialystok Ghetto


Zabludow Holocaust Map


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Modern Era

General Israel, Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict The Ottoman Rule 1517 - 1917 The Birtsh Mandate 1917-1948
Partition Plans 1937-1948 War of Independance 1948 Sinai Operation 1956 Six Day War 1967
Yom Kippur War 1973 1973-1992 Peace Process 1992-2000 Disturbances, 2000


Israel Area Map - Cobb
Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age
The Middle East in the 19th Century
The World in the Twentieth Century
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
Jews in the 20th Century (Jews as Percentage of Population)
Map of Kibbutzim

    Israel, Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Israel Maps (JSOURCE)
Middle East Maps
Arab-Israel Conflict in Maps
Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP) - Maps
History of Israel (1947-1983)
Maps of the West Bank and Gaza
Map of the Occupied Territories
Political Map of the Middle East
West Bank Economic Activity Map
History of Israel (1947-1983)
Natural Resources in the Gaza Strip
The Spread of Ballistic Missiles (JSOURCE)
Missile and Artillery Ranges (JSOURCE)
Flying Times To Israel (JSOURCE)
Affinities Toward Jerusalem (JSOURCE)
Israel & Arab States—Flight Times & Distances (JSOURCE)
Israel Water Source Map (JSOURCE)
Israel's Water Supply (JSOURCE)
The Golan Heights Water Sources Map


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    The Ottoman Rule 1517 - 1917

Palestine Under Turkish Rule: 1517-1917 (JSOURCE)
The Ottoman Empire (1580) (JSOURCE)
Ottoman Turkish Territorial Divisions
Jewish Settlement in Palestine (1881-1914) (JSOURCE)
McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, 1915
Ottomn Rule on the eve of W.W.I (JAFI)
Ottoman Rule on the Eve of World War II (JSOURCE)
Palastine 1849
Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views 19th Century
Blueletter Bible: Modern Jerusalem -1854- (map)
Pogroms and Antisemitic acts of Violence in Russia and the Pale 1871-1906
The Pale of Settlement (JSOURCE)
Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views  17-18 th Century
Blueletter Bible: Middle Palestine -1876
Blueletter Bible: Sothern Palestine -1876
Blueletter Bible: The Sinai Peninsula -1876
Map of Jerusalem-1883
Jerusalem 1884
Jerusalem 1912
Jerusalem (1912) (JSOURCE)
Hevron 1912
Jaffa 1912
Bethle'em 1912
Mt. Carmel 1912
Mt. Sinai 1912
Nazareth 1912


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    The Birtsh Mandate 1917-1948

Areas of Palestine Under the Sykes-Picot Agreement (JSOURCE)
Palestine under Sykes-Picot (1916)
The Sykes-Picot Agreement (JSOURCE)
The British Mandate (JSOURCE)
The United Kingdom in the Middle East (1917-1971) (JSOURCE)
British Mandate 1920-1946
Jewish National Home Determined by San Remo Conference—1920 (JSOURCE)
British Administrative Division 1922-1946
Palestine and Transjordan After 1922 (JSOURCE)
The Middle East – 1930 (JSOURCE)
The Interwar Period in the Middle East (JSOURCE)
Birds Eye View of Holy Jerusalem


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    Partition Plans 1937-1948

Peel Partition Plan (1937) (JSOURCE)
Woodhead Commission Partition Plan A (1939) (JSOURCE)
Woodhead Commission Partition Plan B (1939) (JSOURCE)
Woodhead Commission Partition Plan C (1939) (JSOURCE)
Anglo-American Partition 1945 (JSOURCE)
The Partition Plan (JSOURCE)
Britian's Partition 1946
UN Partition Plan 1947
United Nations Partition Plan (1947) (JSOURCE)
The UNSCOP’s Majority Proposal (1947) (JSOURCE)
The UNSCOP’s Minority Proposal (1947) (JSOURCE)
The Second Bernadotte Plan (1948) (JSOURCE)


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    War of Independence 1948    

The Arab Invasion - 1948 (JSOURCE)
The Arab Invasion 1948 (JAFI)
War of Independence, 1948-- Arab Attacks 
War of Independence, October 1948 Battles
War of Independence Operation AYIN
The Arab Refugees (JSOURCE)
Military Situation On Effective Date of Cease-Fire (June 11, 1948) (JSOURCE)
Palestinian Refugee Camps (1948) (JSOURCE)
The Arab Refugees 1948 (JAFI)
The Jewish Refugees - 1948-1972 (JSOURCE)
The Jewish Refugees 1948-1972 (JAFI)
Armistice Lines — 1949 (JSOURCE)
Armistice Agreement 1949 (JAFI)
Israel After the Armistice Agreement (1949) (JSOURCE)


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      Sinai Operation 1956

Fedayeen Raids 1951-1956 (JAFI)
Fedayeen Raids (JSOURCE)
The Sinai Campaign (JSOURCE)
The Sinai campaign 1956 (JAFI)
1956 War - Sinai Opening Moves
1956 War - Sinai Conquest
United Nations Emergency Force Deployment (1957) (JSOURCE)

         Six Day War 1967 

Israel Before the Six-Day War (JSOURCE)
Pre-1967 Distances from Center (JAFI)
Pre-1967 Distances from North (JAFI)
The Golan Heights Prior to the 1967 War (JSOURCE)
Position of Arab Forces- May 1967 (JAFI)
The Egyptian Front - 1967 (JSOURCE)
Israel's Pre-1967 Boundaries Map
The Six-Day War (JSOURCE)
The Six Day War June 1967 (JAFI)
1967 War - Sinai, 5- 6 June
1967 War - Sinai, 7- 8 June
The Jordanian Front - 1967 (JSOURCE)
1967 War - Jordanian Front, 5-7 June
1967 War - Golan Heights, 9-10 June
The Battle of Jerusalem - 1967 (JSOURCE)
Cease-Fire Lines After the Six-Day War (JSOURCE)
Cease- Fire Lines 1967 (JAFI)
Central Palestine & No Man’s Land (JSOURCE)
Palestinian Refugee Camps (1967) (JSOURCE)
The Syrian-Israeli Frontier, 1923, 1949, 1967 (JSOURCE)
“Operation Gift" (December 28-29, 1968) (JSOURCE)
The Allon Plan (JSOURCE)


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        Yom Kippur War 1973

Egypt Attacks - 1973 (JSOURCE)
Egyptian Attack 1973 (JAFI)
Syrian Attack 1973 (JAFI)
Syria Attacks (1973) (JSOURCE)
1973 War - Golan Heights
1973 War - Egyptian Sinai Campaign
1973 War - Operation Gazelle
Golan Heights Security (JSOURCE)
Golan Heights (JAFI)
Cross -Section Galilee - Kinneret -Golan Heights (JAFI)
Israeli-Egyptian Armistice Agreement (1974) (JSOURCE)
Israeli-Syrian Armistice Agreement (1974) (JSOURCE)
Israeli-Egyptian Agreement (1975) (JSOURCE)


Sinai 1967-1982 (JAFI)
Israel After Returning Sinai (JSOURCE)
Israel-Lebanon Border—June 1982 (JSOURCE)
Israeli-Developed Areas in Jerusalem, 1984
Israeli Settlements in the Golan Heights, 1992 (JSOURCE)
Israeli Settlements in the Gaza Strip, 1993 (JSOURCE)
Israeli Settlements in the West Bank (JSOURCE)
Judea and Samaria (JAFI)
Cross-section Herzliya-Nablus (Shechem)-Jordan River (JAFI)
Missile and Artillery Ranges (JAFI)
Flying Time Between Jordan, saudi Arabia and Israel (JAFI)
The Gulf War: Maps


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        Peace Process 1992-2000

Israeli Settlements in the Golan Heights, February 1992
UNRWA Refugee Camps (1993) (JSOURCE)
Israeli Settlements in the West Bank, 1993
Israeli Settlements in the Gaza Strip, 1993
Peace With Jordan - October 26th 1994 (JAFI)
The Oslo Agreements -1993 (JAFI)
Palestinian Authority Jurisdiction Map 1996
The Wye Agreement - November 1998 (JAFI)
Israeli Redeployment Options (July 1998) (JSOURCE)
Ramallah-Betunia Bypass Road (July 1998) (JSOURCE)
Safe Passage Routes Between Gaza and the West Bank (JSOURCE)
The Oslo Agreements (thru 1999) (JSOURCE)
The West Bank (1999) (JSOURCE)
The Sharm el Sheikh Memorandum, September 4, 1999 (JAFI)
The First Israeli Redeployment After the Sharm al-Sheikh Agreement [Sept. 1999] (JSOURCE)
The Syrian-Israeli Demilitarized Zones, 1999 (JSOURCE)
The Second Israeli Redeployment After the Sharm al-Sheikh Agreement [Jan. 2000] (JSOURCE)
The Israeli Withdrawal from Lebenon - 24th May 2000 (JAFI)
Jerusalem, Camp David II - July 2000 (JAFI)
West Bank Areas According to Oslo II
Palestinian Autonomy, 2000 (JSOURCE)

        Disturbances, 2000

Gilo, The Disturbances Autumn 2000 (JAFI)


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